Three Cozy and Stylish Winter Trends

As we’ve rounded the final corner of the year, winter is in full swing. In any ordinary year, we’d be burying ourselves in layers of sweaters, coats and all-things cozy. But since we’ve spent this year in isolation and prioritizing comfort, the desire to be stylish and cozy is more prominent than ever. Here are the three biggest trends that are taking-off this winter and our favorite brands to help you achieve the look.

The knitwear of 1990’s fashion is making a comeback

This season is all about sweater vests, button-fronts and cable-knit embellishments. As we’re still riding the vintage wave, the major knitwear trends are drawing inspiration from the 1990s. This can be seen in particular with the Ralph Lauren Polo sweaters. For the authentic, vintage look, go through your, or your parents’, old clothing box and see if there are any sweaters that you can bring into your wardrobe. If you’re looking for something new, stores like And Other StoriesASOSZara,  and Artizia offer a larger variety of these knitwear pieces in each niche and at different price points. The key to styling knitwear this season is layering. By adding a turtleneck or collared shirt underneath, you will add dimension to your outfit and a modern twist to the trend.

Cable-Knit Sweater, ASOS

Knit Vest, Zara

Puffer Coats are dominating the winter trends

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a human-snowball, then these puffer coats are perfect for you! Not only are they comfortable and will keep you warm this winter, but they’re among the biggest trends this season. As seen on Kendall Jenner, Megan Markle, and everyone in between, these coats are a must-have. Puffer coats continue to support the trend of mixing feminine clothing and athleisure wear. You can find these puffer coats anywhere and everywhere. Zara has plenty of affordable options in this style, as well as And Other Stories. You can also find puffer coats at your local department store. Similar to knitwear, many puffer coats are intended to be oversized. However, it is important to read the label of the coat, as there are some puffer coats that are designed to be cropped.

Thermal Insolation Puffer Jacket- Zara

Oversized Puffer Jacket- And Other Stories

The return and reinvention of faux leather pants

If you loved the Spice Girls rocking the leather pants in the ‘90s, then you’ll be ecstatic about the pants’ comeback. As we continue to reinvigorate the fashion trends throughout the decades, this winter is all about putting a modern twist on these leather pants. The first tweak to this trend is switching to faux leather. As sustainability and animal cruelty-free practices are attracting much needed attention, the majority of these leather pants will be faux leather. If your main concern is their quality, we recommend visiting Aritzia. The brand’s faux leather pants, named the Melina Pant, are credited as the most popular version of this style on the market. Due to its popularity, the Melina Pant is often low in stock, so be sure to add these pants to your shopping cart if you can get your hands on them! If you’re more interested in finding an affordable option, we recommend visiting ASOS. The ecommerce store offers a wide variety of brands and has versions of this style for under fifty dollars. The majority of these faux leather pants are cut as straight legs. The great thing about styling faux leather pants, is that there is plenty of room to experiment. You can pair them with a turtleneck and a blazer, add a sweater, or suitable jacket. They especially compliment the knitwear and puffer coats that we’ve previously mentioned.

The Melina Pant, Aritiza

Faux Leather Pant (Dark Brown)- ASOS

The great news about these winter trends is that they’re a happy medium between fashion and comfort. As we continue to work from home, we want to dress cozy and warm, but as the saying goes, “when you look your best, you feel your best”. These three winter trends reassure that you can look put together, and feel comfortable at the same time. Each of the three trends offers plenty of room for creative license. Depending on your personal style, you may gravitate to the simple, solid and neutral tones of each product or you may want to experiment with patterns and various textures. Our goal is to give you the tools to put your own, unique spin on these trends and go about your day in style. Which of these three trends are you most excited to try this winter? Let us know how you plan to style our recommended pieces in the comment section!


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